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Brian is a teacher with a simple message of love and healing.  He has traveled the globe to recover ancient methods of helping others and transforming their lives. In many of the places he has traveled to, the land has taught and awakened deep knowings to share.


Brian has studied modern modalities as well, finding ways to bring the physical, mental and energy bodies to the pinnacle of their health. Sound healing and healing through music are his passions. He finds beauty in ancient rituals and shamanic healing practices. He has developed a deep working relationship with plants to be an ally in healing. All these experiences get combined together with listening to his heart to become the transformational programs he has created.


If you would like to experience this, Brian would be happy to open the door to your heart and the Spiritual realms for you, but you must choose to walk through.


The doors can be opened in many ways. Brian offers one on one sessions, group meditations, workshops, classes, apprenticeships, one on one coaching and life transformational programs.


His education programs focus on getting individuals to ask the right questions and ascertain the answers through their own intuitions. Everyone is capable, yet many do not remember how, so Brian is here to guide you into remembrance.