of the Phoenix

Spark of the Phoenix is a results-driven, total life metamorphosis 2-day hybrid workshop with live healing, meditations and exercises.

About this event

Join Master Change Facilitator, Brian Daniel Edwards for 'Spark of the Phoenix'. This is the deep dive into the Metamorphosis Workshop Series. Spark is a deep dive into finding yourself, freeing your mind, and living your dream life. Brian will give some efficient and practical steps, share valuable insights, and facilitate intensive healing exercises to accelerate the process of Metamorphosis to totally transform your life.

Experience 'Spark of the Phoenix' a transformative workshop where 6 Weeks of material from the Course 'Metamorphosis' is condensed into a power-packed 2 Day Workshop designed to BREAK-THROUGH and dissolve limitations preventing you from living life on your terms and fulfilled with infinite possibilities!

This is for you If you're truly motivated and hungry to create change in your life.

Be an untouchable opponent in the face of limiting beliefs/programming, gain clarity on your life's direction & purpose, and be ready to welcome a life of infinite possibilities.