There are so many questions and not many places to find simple yet comprehensive answers that satisfy the soul. Infinite Love is here to change that. We provide entertaining, inspirations and life changing education material to revolutionize learning and the collective consciousness.



Infinite Love’s education program focusses on a heart-based system of awakening individuals to remember just what they are capable of by tapping into their intuition.

The Classes have been masterfully crafted by Brian Daniel Edwards, combining his unique experiences on his spiritual voyage and channeling. His background in science, ancient traditions and world travels give him a broad perspective that he brings to his classes.

Brian has a strong belief that the information should be conveyed in a simple to understand yet in depth manner. He believes the classes should spark more questions and a desire to learn more to further students on their spiritual path. It is important to remain lifelong students for there is infinite information to learn.



Spiritual Connection is the not so basic basics of the encountering the spiritual realms and starting on your path.

This covers a broad variety of topics that will getting you asking the right questions and fan your flames of desire to learn more.

It gives you a foundation to safely navigate your spiritual voyage and points you in the right direction to be able to know where to get further trusted information and how to discern the validity of information.

This class gives the basics of how to tap into your intuition and heart to use them as guiding factors in your life as well as giving practical usable techniques to improve your life.



Goals of Metamorphoses:


  1. Find your True Self

  2. Actualize your Dreams

  3. Actualize Abundance

  4. Actualize Love


Metamorphosis takes self-help classes to a whole new level. This class focuses on clearing the biggest blocks out of your life so you may move forward freely.


It gives you the tools to clear the mental block out of your life that put you in a perceived prison of your mind.


It teaches how to purify your life, mind and body to live the most vibrant, energized and capable life you can.


This also covers how to work in the spiritual realms to clear out energetic blocks, stop bleeding energy and actualize the life you have always dreamed about living.


Not only does it talk about how to actualize your dreams in the spiritual realms, it also gives practical suggestions on how you can manifest an abundance of wealth and love in your life.


Ancient Wisdom

Mastering Your Life with Ancient Wisdom- The Fundamentals of Shamanism is a course that delves into how ancient cultures around the world interacted with the spiritual realms to master their life and have control over their destiny.

This class covers shamanic practices and techniques from many traditions and melds them into a solid shamanic foundation. This class is a balance of history, background and practical application of skills.

Lectures will be broken up with exercises, meditations and hands on practical application practice.