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About Us

Founded in 2012 Infinite Love Movement (ILM) was seeded with the intention to unite the collective consciousness through love.


ILM has evolved to integrate the wisdom of ancient Shamanic practices with modern energetic healing modalities, alchemizing these into Online and In-person Workshops designed to facilitate deep transformation and personal upliftment. 

Brian Daniel Edwards

Brian has walked the Shamanic path and travelled the world in quest for the knowledge and wisdom of our hidden ancient past. He founded Infinite Love Movement to bring people and communities together to heal ancestral trauma, transcend beyond fear and create a better world for our future generations. 













Master Change Facilitator

NLP | Hypnosis | Life Coach Certified

Sound Healer, Soma Energetics

Reiki Master, Reiki 1-3

Ordained a Kurak al Kuyekk - Incan Royal Priest

Alto Masayok Paco - High Priest and Nature Mystic

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