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ACTUALIZE your potential & see what is truly 



Brian Daniel Edwards

He has travelled the world cultivating first-hand experience and wisdom from spiritual adepts, initiates, and elders and has incorporated these into over 10 years of Shamanic practice combined with Sound & Energy Healing. 

With a passion for teaching others how to break down old paradigms and recreate their lives, he has created transformative workshops to empower and uplift those truly ready for powerful change and by purifying the connection to the Divine, open the door infinite possibilities. 

Brian offers guided support to explore deeply your own inner wisdom, bringing to the surface alchemized healing. 

By working with him you will be guided through dissolving the thoughts, beliefs, and energetic blockages that have been preventing you from stepping into your power and purpose, and through a journey of transformation, unlock the door to a life created on your terms. 



Ready to free yourself from everything that's been blocking you and FINALLY step into the life you were born to lead?

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In Person or Remote Personal Sessions to suit your unique needs

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Zara W

"The opportunities that have quickly opened up for me is nothing short of amazing! Brian helped me to recognize and dissolve all the heaviness that stemmed from trauma I had been carrying for well over 15 years.

I finally feel the most connected to my true self and my intuition than I ever have. He is a blessing to work with."