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Infinite Love
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Founded in 2012 Infinite Love Movement (ILM) started with the intention to unite the collective consciousness through love.


ILM has evolved to integrate ancient Shamanic Wisdom with modern energetic healing methods and alchemize these into Online and In-person Workshops designed to facilitate deep transformation and personal upliftment. 


28 & 30th of December- Magnetic- Become the Most Attractive You!

8 & 9th of January - Spark of the Phoenix- Total Life Transformation

15th of January 2022- Purify Your Life


Master Change Facilitator


Brian Daniel Edwards has travelled the world cultivating first-hand experience and wisdom from spiritual adepts, initiates, and elders and has incorporated these into over 10 years of Shamanic practice combined with Sound & Energy Healing. 

With a passion for teaching others how to break down old paradigms and recreate their lives, he has created transformative workshops to empower and uplift those truly ready for powerful change and by purifying the connection with the source of infinite possibilities. 

Brian offers support to explore deeply your own inner wisdom, bringing to the surface alchemized healing. 

By working with him you will be guided through dissolving the thoughts, beliefs, and energetic blockages that have been preventing you from stepping into your power and purpose, and through a journey of transformation, unlock the door to a life created on your terms. 


Brian incorporates Hypnosis, various Energy Healing Modalities, is a certified NLP & Life Coach and Master Change Facilitator.



Most people's minds run on autopilot as a result of every belief and attitude they picked up as a child. This conditioning unique to all of us has provided the foundations that consciously or unconsciously dictate every choice, every experience, and every relationship you've ever had.

Growing your awareness of the rich garden that is your subconscious mind is one preceding step towards powerful change. When you weed out the garden and start to dissolve the limiting belief constructs formed from prior programming you can then prepare the foundations for re-creating your life on your terms. 

Your perception doesn't just determine how you experience your reality, it creates it. Your life will change when you learn to question and transform your beliefs to serve you and as a result, reflect back to you a life filled with passion and unlimited potential. If you're ready to reclaim your power and journey through life brimmed with excitement and purpose, I'm here to help you get there...


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Book a package of coaching sessions to receive the benefits of sustained coaching. Investing in yourself this way will allow us to delve deeper and achieve greater results


Success Stories

"The opportunities that have quickly opened up for me is nothing short of amazing! Brian helped me to recognize and dissolve all the heaviness that stemmed from trauma I had been carrying for well over 15 years.

I finally feel the most connected to my true self and my intuition than I ever have. He is a blessing to work with."

Zara W


All Donations are greatly appreciated! 

Every donation made contributes to our mission to improve the world one person's life at at time. Once the movement starts it will change the world! 

Donations are tax deductible due to our non-profit status. 


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